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  Here at Wisdom of the Ages we've been in business since October of 1997! Wisdom of the Ages is a special place to nurture your spiritual side. It's filled with items to calm your mind, heal your body and empower your spirit.

Jane Siegel is the owner of Wisdom of the Ages. Jane was raised in a home where her intuitive spiritual side was nurtured and supported. She has raised her son Charlie in the same way, and together they run the store and teach the classes. They also set up private appointments for you to receive the help you need, whether it be for counseling, clearing of your energy fields or simply you sharing your challenges & them guiding you in the best possible ways to overcome those challenges. Charlie is also one of the Psychic Readers (as his mom taught him how! :) who reads on Saturdays. He is a 3rd Generation Reader, as his mom, aunt, and grandmother all have read before him.

Jane and Charlie teach the classes here at Wisdom of the Ages - from the meditation classes to spiritual development classes that go on meeting in a circle for 2 years or more per group. Jane continues to carry on in her parents' footsteps as she teaches the body-mind-spirit connection. Jane also chooses, organizes, orders and sells all the wonderful items in this special place - most especially the crystals and stones! Wisdom of the Ages and all that it entails truly is a work of love from Jane's heart!

Charlie also has built this website (with some help from a couple web designer friends). He helps with the daily upkeep of the website, works as the Social Media Administrator, makes CDs of the meditations in the classes and helps out however is needed in Wisdom of the Ages. After all, he's been an integral part of the business since he was 3 years old! His line of nature photography and inspirational poetry, available in greeting cards, prints and more (Photography by SC) is also available in the store.

When you contact us or come into the store, you'll be meeting one or all of the members of the family. Jane & Charlie take care of Wisdom of the Ages together to help you take care of yourself!

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