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Below is a list of classes that are currently offered at Wisdom of the Ages. All of these are taught by Jane Siegel, owner and operator of Wisdom of the Ages, and her son Charlie. You can call us, email us or message us on Facebook to reserve a space, or feel free to just come in! We can always get another chair out for you! :)

Monthly Meditation Classes

Wisdom of the Ages offers meditation classes! The meditation classes are open to anyone! They are full of peace and empowerment, and whether new to meditation, or if you've been practicing for years, it's a great thing to meditate in a group, all following the guided meditation - a circle of serenity! Come on down and find that inner peace! :) A peaceful, guided meditation, designed to relax that tension around your shoulders, relieve those racing thoughts and remind you of the strength you hold inside. A one hour class from 7:15-8:15pm, kept to that shorter length of time so that it remains easy to fit into your personal schedule - only an hour needed to turn your whole week around! :) Featuring a beginning section of relaxation, which can include singing bowls, aromatherapy, discussions on calming crystals or energy clearing... and an original, guided meditation by Jane, the owner of Wisdom of the Ages, set to music and created with your best healing intentions in mind. - Now in our 20th year, we are second and third generation teachers of meditation and meditators ourselves, seeking to help everyone to find peace and nurture their spiritual side. - This class is only $10 and everyone gets a free pocket rock! We record every guided meditation, so if you'd like a copy of one of the meditations you did with us in class on a CD, just talk to us! If you click "Going" on the Facebook event posts, call us, or stop in to reserve a space, we'll have a seat out for you! But walk-ins are welcome, so no need to stress about a reservation! :) We hope to see you there!

Give yourself a break ~ meditate! :)

These classes are currently offered on:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 
7:15-8:15pm, Monthly Meditation Class

Tuesday, June 20, 2017,
7:15-8:15pm, Monthly Meditation Class

More dates to be scheduled soon for 2017!

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Gemstone and Wire Wrapped Tree Creation Class

Monday, May 1, 2017

Come create your very own gemstone wire tree! :) You may have seen them around in shops and at gem shows - gorgeous, cute little creations of wire and colorful stone beads, either stand-alone on roots made of wire, or wrapped around a stone base as a tree in the forest would be. But now, you can have your very own, made by your own two hands! :) Bryan of Wire Works Studio, who has taught our much-loved wire-wrapping classes, is back by popular demand to teach this fun, easy, crafty class! All materials will be provided for a stand-alone brass wire and gemstone chip tree creation, and you can bring your own stone base or purchase a stone in the store if you want you tree to have a rock to hold onto! - Only $24 for the materials and instruction! :) Space is limited for this class - you must reserve yourself a space if you want to come! Click "Going" on the Facebook event page, give us a call, or stop in to reserve yourself a space! We hope to see you there! ~ And feel free to share this event with your friends! It's a lot of fun to do a class like this with families or friends! We have a few family groups who love coming in for Bryan's classes!

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Monthly Native American Drumming Circle

This circle is held on the first Tuesday evening of each month!

May 2, 2017
June 6, 2017
No drumming in July due to the 4th of July holiday

7:15 to 8:15pm ~ $10 each (includes
a free pocket rock!)

In the hectic, busy 2017, remember to take time to have a little bit of ceremony in your life! Drumming is an excellent way to calm your mind, heal your body and empower your spirit! We sit in a circle and use Native American drums ~ just listening is so healing! The sound of your mother's heartbeat in the womb, the sound of your heartbeat, connecting to Mother Earth... No experience necessary! We will lead you in some rhythms and let the spirit move you! ~ If you have your own Native American drum, please bring it ~ if not, we will always have some to share! If you feel that you'd benefit from being a part of the circle without using a drum yourself, just let us know! ~ Come drum with us & absorb the powerful healing energy of the drum! Beginners always welcome!

~ You can also check out NEDrummers.com, where our Drumming Circles are listed, and join to hear about other great drumming events in the area, too!

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The 18 Hands of Lo Han

Monday, June 5th, 2017

$15 per person (and everyone gets a free pocket rock to take home!)

Shi Pa Lo Han Sho, The 18 Routines of the Enlightened Ones...
The 18 Hands of Lo Han are a 1500 year old Qigong set, similar in form to Taichi. It is a form of moving meditation, with breathing and slow movements designed to calm the mind and help to heal the body's natural energy flow. Its healing movements often help people to achieve a state of focused calm, with greater energy, over-all health, and greater well-being. Practiced by the Shaolin monks of ancient China (the famous "warrior monks"), it was a regular part of their training to help align their energies and heal their bodies to help them better meditate and train. Today, this set can be a wonderful practice to add into your daily life, whether it be all 18 movements or just one or two! This class will guide everyone step-by-step through all 18 of the peaceful motions, and touch briefly on an explanation of the important place in Chinese and martial arts history that these techniques have held. Includes a free handout for further reading and practice at home. This class is taught by Sensei Charlie, a practitioner of Chinese martial arts since he was 4 years old! He is happy to answer questions throughout the class and also offers the option of booking lessons to learn these movements in depth for personal practice and well-being. - This class is only $15 - click "Going" on the Facebook event page, give us a call, or stop in to reserve your space. Reservations will still be taken to the last minute! :) We hope to see you there! ~ And feel free to share this event with your friends! The more the merrier :)


Read on for info on some of the classes we have done here in the past!
 ~ Other special event classes such as these will be added to this page, as well as our Facebook page, as they are scheduled! :)

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Wire-Wrapping Class
with Bryan of Wired Works Studios
This event happened on:
Monday, February 20, 2017

Bryan, a very experienced wire-wrapped jewelry designer, will be teaching this class! His previous class with us was a big hit - this class will be for both beginners and intermediate alike! He
will provide all the wire and materials - you can bring your favorite stone that you want to wrap, or buy a new one here! Please also bring your own pair of needle nose pliers if you can! The size of this class is limited so that everyone has the materials needed to learn - you must talk to us to be signed up to attend!

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Angel Tarot Reading Certification Workshop
with our Certified Angel Card Reader, Jean

This event happened on Sunday May 22nd, 2016, from 1:00 ~ 5:30pm

This workshop is a fun filled, informative, hands on way to become a qualified Angel Card reader! Whether you're looking for a way to better understand & connect to the cards for yourself or to help others, this workshop will give you key information in understanding the basics of Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine's Angel Tarot Deck!

Taught by our Certified Angel Card Reader, Jean

This workshop is filled with information to help build a foundation on the basics of tarot, which will help build confidence in giving a reader!

You must have your own deck of Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine to use in this workshop! If you need to purchase one from us ($19.99 plus tax), be sure to let us know!

As Jean says, "Let's see what your angels have to say...."

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Special Event Meditation Class
with Guest Celtic Harpist Jerry Marchand!

This event happened on:
Monday, April 24, 2017

We will set another date for it to happen again in the near future. It's always a great time!


We are so excited to have Jerry back with us once again! Jerry is one of our favorite crystal dealers, musicians and friends. He will bring his beautiful Celtic harp to play its soothing sounds alongside Jane's peaceful guided meditation, as well as bring a wide variety of his rare and spectacular crystals for sale that evening! We've played and carried Jerry's Celtic harp CDs in the store for years, and it has become a well-loved favorite to calm the mind and soothe the heart chakra. Sure to be a wonderful night with his live music and the peaceful guidance of the meditation to release stress and anxiety, find peace, and maybe even find a new crystal friend to take home with you. :) This class is only $15 - click "Going" on the event page on Facebook, give us a call or stop in to reserve your space. Reservations will still be taken to the last minute! :) We hope to see you there! ~ And feel free to share this event with your friends! The more the merrier :)

We will open the doors at 6:45 if anyone would like to come early to shop Jerry's wonderful selection of crystals! There will be ample time to shop afterwards, as well!

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Special Event Meditation Class, "Bringing Peace into Daily Your Life"

This class was held in November of 2016


This will be a wonderful class focused on how to bring peace into your life with daily practices! We will have a discussion on stones to help you deal with stress and then lessons on quick and easy breathing and movement that help alleviate tension. Then a peaceful 30min guided meditation! ~ Scheduled specifically to help everyone with peacefulness throughout the holiday season!

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Chakra Class!

This is a very informative and fun class! We'll cover how you get blocks in your chakras, how to remove those blocks and how to prevent more blocks from occurring! You'll also receive a pouch with 7 stones that you choose, 1 for each chakra! This class is full of healing information to help you, body, mind and spirit. 

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Crystals & Gemstones: They're Here to Help!

Got a problem? - Get a rock! :) In this very informative and fun class, learn to connect with the healing energies of the stones and crystals! Learn their benefits and healing properties and learn to care for and clear them to keep them strong and energized. Everyone gets 2 free stones to take home!

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Joseph FireCrow Plays his Flute
This event happened on Saturday December 7th, 2013 7:00 to 8:00pm
Joseph FireCrow, renowned Native American Flute Man, played his flute for us here in Wisdom of the Ages in December of 2013! His Cheyenne heritage comes through in his soulful, beautiful music ~ learn more about him (and/or listen to his music!) at <http://www.josephfirecrow.com> We loved having him here and look forward to having him back again in the future! It was a wonderful event! :)

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