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International Shipping Information

For orders that the customer specifies that they would like shipped to an address out of the United States of America, the $6.75 added to your total price of your Shopping Cart will not be charged to you, although it does display during checkout. Rather, we will manually remove this charge, and charge your credit card first for the price of the items only. Then, we will take the package to the Post Office to ship. We will mail the package out to you, and then we will charge your credit card for that package's specific Shipping and Handling amount, which is the exact cost for the shipment of the package plus the cost for the packing materials and a small handling fee (for gas, etc.). We will also e-mail you to let you know when we do so. If you like, you can specify in the comments box that you would like to have a tracking number. We suggest this for international shipping, although it costs extra, and that amount would be added onto your shipping and handling cost (separate from the items cost for international shipping).

If you would rather like us to send you the package through UPS, you can leave a detailed request in the comment box. (We have found that the United States Postal Service is usually the most inexpensive and reasonably quick way to ship.)

If you choose to pay with a check or money order, we will e-mail you with the total price of your order, (items and shipping & handling) and then we will wait for our receipt of your check or money order. We will then mail the package to you. We ship to all countries. However, in most cases, we cannot guarantee an arrival time.

For orders that a customer specifies for us to ship to an address within the United States of America, we ship Priority Mail/Flat Rate with the United States Postal Service. If a customer specifically asks for UPS instead, we will ship it that way to them, however, possibly with a higher shipping charge, which will be charged separately from the sub-total (items only) of your order. Priority Mail/Flat Rate with the United States Postal Service normally arrives within 2-3 days, but in rare cases, it has been known to arrive within 5-10 days. If the customer would prefer, we can also send a package Express Mail with the USPS, although that is much more expensive and they will be charged separately for that higher shipping charge after their package is mailed.

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