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Getting Ready - 1 CD - by Dr. Bernie Siegel

This title was unfortunately discontinued in CD format by the manufacturer. It is now available by download only on HayHouse.com, or some CD copies may be found on sites such as eBay or Amazon while small supply remains.

Getting Ready is a great CD in which Dr. Bernie Siegel guides you through a series of visualization exercises and inner journeys to help you to mentally prepare yourself for medical procedures such as surgery or chemotherapy. This CD can help to enhance your treatments so that you get more of a positive affect out of it. This can also help you to relax and focus. In this CD Bernie also explains how your desire and intention truly affect the physical world. This CD can help you to change your attitude, your thoughts, and your perceptions to more positive ones to help you to heal. With the correct positive attitude, you can make your treatment day a day of rebirth! (Getting Ready. -- 1 CD.) The Biology of Belief, which is also sold on this product list on this website, and which is highly recommended by Dr. Bernie Siegel, can help you to understand in an even more detailed way how thoughts are things. This knowledge can help you through your time of treatment.

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