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Meditations for Finding the Key to Good Health - 1 CD

This title was unfortunately discontinued in CD format by the manufacturer. It is now available by download only on HayHouse.com, or some CD copies may be found on sites such as eBay or Amazon while small supply remains.

Meditations for Finding the Key to Good Health is a a wonderful and truly healing CD in which Bernie guides the listener through two separate meditations that each include auto-hypnosis and guided imagery. These two guided meditations are devised to help the listener to heal past hurts, negative thoughts, stress, grief and other conditions that can contribute to a lack of well-being. With this CD, one can find great help to Find the Key to Their Own Good Health! :) (1 Compact Disc.) Open the Door to A Healthier New You!

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  • Manufactured by: Dr. Bernie Siegel

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