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Healing Meditations - Two CD Set! - by Dr. Bernie Siegel

This title was unfortunately discontinued in CD format by the manufacturer. It is now available by download only on HayHouse.com, or some CD copies may be found on sites such as eBay or Amazon while small supply remains.

Healing Meditations is an empowering Two CD Set in which Dr. Bernie Siegel guides you through several empowering and healing meditations. These are two  CDs full of great meditations to help you. By listening to these two CDs, you can find it very helpful in a path toward enhancing your immune system. It also will help you in an over-all healing way, not just focusing on one problem. The meditations will help you to see your uniqueness and beauty and deal with problems such as negative thoughts or stress. They are very helpful meditations designed to give you an over-all feeling of wellness.
Within this two CD set are "Meditations for Enhancing Your Immune System" (discontinued for separate sale) and "Meditations for Finding the Key to Good Health" (discontinued for separate sale). These titles are also only available by download from HayHouse.com

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